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Message from the CEO

This new year of 5784 – what is our vision?

Israel Relief Aid will endeavor to continue to take the most cost-effective steps to bring large-scale aid to Israelis living under the poverty line.


At the same time, we will continue to respect our donors’ contributions and not run large overhead here in Israel. Consequently, our donors end up giving to actual aid and not buildings/property/cars /insurance/building staff/building equipment, etc. Those things are not humanitarian aid, so why should they take up the bulk of the donations? As a rule, donors are not made aware of the yearly/monthly cost of those expenses at other charities.  

Our Aim:  Importing aid containers – with immediate distribution via our Fast Flow Technology AND monthly aid events – one to four per month – to different sectors and almost always including food.

Our Focus:  Influx of Ukrainian Immigrants and refugees, Ethiopian Immigrants, Holocaust Survivors, the homeless, the unemployed, the disabled, orphans, single-parent families, widows, etc.

You, our donor partners, we thank for helping to accomplish all that we have in the last 12 months.  Just as you rely on us to accomplish here in Israel, we rely on you as our partner to help make it happen.

I want to give a special notice to our directors and advisors, especially Max Veenstra, Chairman of Israel Relief Aid.  Max has been the major influencer of aid in Europe coming to Israel. Also, some of our advisors have physically been active here and there and this help is critical and very appreciated. Also, a thank you to our team working along with me – God bless them all of these!

To you all over the world, we wish you peaceful and joyful September holidays,

Jo Kaplan