Help Provide Meals for the High Holidays

Friends, we know the grave challenges that lie ahead in the coming months. Outlandish extreme weather, flooding, etc. Worldwide fears of coming financial crisis. Unbelievable politics and uprisings. How do we carry over to a time of introspection, of hopes and promises in the current environment?

Let’s focus in on what we know is the right thing to do — always. The thing that will each time bless and protect us: Joining ourselves to the Land of Israel by blessing Israelis in need – hundreds of thousands living below the poverty line.

Israelis whose money ran out a long time ago and are living . . . on the street. Women and children who have been battered, many for years. Good news: there are two safe shelters in the south of Israel for these needy ones, who take in people from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem, from the south and the north.

However, governmental budget is not enough to cover all their basic needs . . . . and not holiday costs.

Since food is always an issue, Israel Relief Aid wants to cover food costs for a month–with the High holidays Yom Kippur and Sukkot.

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Together with you, we can help make a better world.


As you send your holiday blessing, Israel Relief Aid will make sure there’s High Holiday meals and a kitchen stocked. You can be sure that Israel Relief Aid will be on the frontlines in Israel working with you,
blessing Israelis in need . . . a blessing for you and for us that cannot be reversed:

“O Israel, blessed is the one
who blesses you”