No Schoolbag for School | Israel Relief Aid

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With over 850,000 Israeli children living below the poverty line, many of these don’t have a schoolbag for the rapidly approaching start of school in Israel on September 1.

That fact alone dooms them to negative treatment by the other children, but worse, will affect their grades.

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However, just in time to save the day, a surprise happened. A big thank you to a gracious gentleman who had schoolbags produced in China and shipped in an aid container to Israel. A big thank you also to all our donors who helped to bring the bags from the ship through Israeli Customs with all the fees and port costs.  

No Schoolbag for School: Israel Relief Aid
No Schoolbag for School: Israel Relief Aid

A large group of aid center workers from all over Israel were on hand to see the doors of the aid container open . . .  and to fill their vehicles. 

As the aid centers distribute to Ukrainian immigrants, they send us pictures.  

The look on this boy’s face and also his parents says it all !