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Boosting Chances to Succeed

Boosting Chances to Succeed

With two million Israelis living in poverty (National Insurance report 1/21) (including over 665,000 Israeli children), Israel Relief Aid wanted to help.  At the end of every school year in Israel, a list of books and supplies for the upcoming year is handed out so that children can arrive with all the supplies required for class.  

When a family is living below the poverty line, it means that paying basic living costs is already too hard.  Rent, property tax, utilities, dues, food. They are lucky if they can afford the basics.  

However, if there is any expense other than those, it just isn’t going to happen. School books and supplies fall into the non-essentials category for poverty families.  

Israel Relief Aid’s July project was to provide school supplies for children in need in Beer Sheva, a remote city in the Negev desert. 

Because of you, their chance to succeed in school has been boosted and they are on their way to changing their poverty cycle!

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