What’s Your Guess?

What’s Your Guess?

When will the next skirmish at the Gaza border be?

Typically in August, but we’ll see.

Can you imagine the families in Sderot (a few minutes from the Gaza border) – how tired they are of all the bombs every summer, and also during the year?  

The families of Sderot are heroes, holding onto the Land, which is Israel’s.  

How can we not reach out our hand to them to help?

This year Israel Relief Aid’s Sderot project is one of the most needed things:  food.  

A full bag of nutritional food like:  rice/lentils, peas, green beans, pasta/buckwheat, couscous/humus, spaghetti, tomato sauce, etc.

Getting a food bag is a warm fuzzy and shows that someone cares.  It’s a great blessing for all concerned – including a blessing on the donors as well!  

Let’s bless the nation of Israel together! 

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