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Living in Katzrin

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Where is Katzrin (also spelled Qatzrin)?  Katzrin is located up in the Golan Heights in the north of Israel, above the Sea of Galilee.  Israel Relief Aid’s network does reach up to Katzrin, with the recently opened Katzrin Aid Center.  

Word of mouth is spreading about the new aid center in the city, and one widow living in Katzrin, Naomi, heard about it.  

Having to work during the open hours of the aid center, Naomi was still able to meet up with its manager and receive two boxes of brand new quality Nike sport shoes for her children.  Naomi’s daughter is 13 and her son is 7, so good sport shoes are important.

Naomi was so grateful, as a single mother, because new shoes are not in the tight budget of a widow, and her children really needed them.

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Living in Katzrin

A big thank you to the donors in Holland and for the aid container brought to Israel with the help of all our friends and partners that helped thousands!