Two Factors About the Kids


Beer Sheva.  The Ethiopian Sector. Around 8,000 Ethiopian families live in Beer Sheva and . . .over 50% of Ethiopian-Israeli children in the city live below the poverty line!

Everyone knows that when kids don’t have school supplies, they don’t feel or do well. If they are going to succeed at school, they will need our help.

They need:  paper, pencils, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pens, colors, staplers, removers, glue sticks, English notebooks, math notebooks, Hebrew notebooks, plastic sleeves, scissors, tape, name labels, pencil cases, etc.

So, in July, instead of food bags, Israel Relief Aid would like to provide school supplies bags. 

With all the supplies according to age and kindergarten vs. elementary school vs. high school.  

Will you help us to be your hand extended in July for this needy project?

Two Factors About the Kids