Rescue Project Update (Ukraine)

Emergency evacuations are underway in parts of the southern Ukrainian region of Kherson as a major incident unfolds following damage to the Kakhovka Hydroelectric Power Plant dam. 1300 people were evacuated.

Clean water to the area, flooded villages, homelessness and exposure to infections will now be an issue.


In the latest update of aid to Ukraine by Rescue Project, 640,000 kilos of flour has been trucked to many villages and cities inside Ukraine. 

An additional 160,000 kilos is in process of finishing delivery as well.  

This was an original 800 tons of flour purchased in Ukraine!

So far this year, the majority of 250-300 truckloads have been sent to the refugee centers in Poland, Romania and Moldova for final distribution in Ukraine and surrounds.  

Included were clothing, new shoes, medical supplies, hospital beds, food, etc.

A big thank you to all those who have given for the brothers and sisters in Ukraine.

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