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Connect With Israel in June!

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How to participate with everyday life in Israel?  Touch lives of families that have a disabled child.  This month Israel Relief Aid will be supporting the Ben Shemen day center for disabled youth.  Remember last year’s project (the rattan furniture set in the picture)?

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However, other supplies are now needed:  puzzles, workbooks, writing supplies and food supplies and other supplies for the youth are not included in the government stipend that this center receives.

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The Ben Shemen center runs on a very tight budget and donations from the parents, who are already paying monthly a lot of money each month for the therapists of the center, for the 3-4:30 p.m. activity time, for staff gifts, for partial cost of transport and for administration by the City.  Giving needed working supplies would be a great blessing for the youth and for the parents!

You can be a part of the everyday life of the Israelis with this June project in the heart of Israel.