What a Blessing You’ve Been in Israel

For Israel Relief Aid’s Passover project, your help made it possible so that Israelis (especially immigrants) in poverty could celebrate the Passover Seder and to eat the required unleavened bread during the week of Pesach.  

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The poverty population of Bat Yam was the first target (below Tel Aviv), as Bat Yam is an older community with a lot of Holocaust Survivors, widows and Ukrainian/ Russian immigrants living on small monthly stipends. It’s a great place to do a great mitzvah. However, with your generosity, Passover food bags were also given to Ethiopians in Haifa and Ukrainians in Haifa.

Each family received food bags of traditional Passover foods like: -a 2.5 kg box of matzot (unleavened bread), jam, chicken soup mix, matzah meal, Passover cookies, rice, green beans, etc.

A huge meal in a Bedouin tent in the Negev was also held for 300 Ukrainian immigrants during the Passover holiday, with speakers and music. A meaningful time! . . . but also giving most of them their first meal out in the Land of Israel.

The Israeli families were so grateful and super thankful. You can see some of them in the pictures. You have blessed a whole lot of Israelis!  Israel Relief Aid is honored to be your hand extended here in Israel, to touch the nation of Israel.

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