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Serving Israel Yet Living Under the Poverty Line

Serving Israel Yet Living Under the Poverty Line

Two weeks after Passover is an important national holiday for Israel:  Yom HaAtzmaut, Independence Day.  

In honor of this Israel’s 75th birthday, Israel Relief Aid has a special project planned for those that are in service to the nation yet are living under the poverty line.

Lone soldiers have no family in Israel and are alone with all the physical ailments that those going through boot camp, special training or minimal sleep conditions cause.  When they go “home” for the weekend, they have no energy to shop, cook, do their laundry or celebrate a holiday.  They usually want first just to eat a meal and sleep.  

Living under the poverty line, they have money to buy their weekend food and laundry detergent, but not really enough for supplies needed in their service, like socks, 

T shirts, hygiene supplies, flashlights or other helpful tools, etc.

Serving Israel Yet Living Under the Poverty Line

Israel Relief Aid’s project of the month is to solve that problem by providing gift cards from the local supply shop for those in service.  This is the store that has all the special clothing and tools that they might need.  

You are invited to help those serving in Israel that are living in poverty.  You can support the nation of Israel is this great way.