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Ten Million is a Huge Number

The Russian invasion of Ukraine over a year ago caused a huge flood of Ukrainian refugees to flee for their lives over the surrounding land borders.  Ten million refugees fled to Poland.  That’s an additional 30% of Poland’s population!

Fleeing for their lives means that some had money with them and some didn’t.   Some could sustain the life of the family and some couldn’t.  

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So those that had no funds, or very little, had to find refuge in whatever shelter they could, and Poland worked hard to set up shelters and aid centers.  These aid centers do their best to provide food, clothing, bedding, (the basics only).  

One such aid center is in the city of Przemysl, Poland and connected with the Israel Relief Aid Rescue Project network.  

Food and clothing are flowing to that center and Ukrainian refugees are receiving help.

(Picture below: drinks and tons of pasta)

Israel Relief Aid, on behalf of the Rescue Project in Europe, wants to give those who have been able to help financially a big thank you. 

To help, designate for “Ukraine”.  See updates at “Topics” at

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