Update on the Ground in Turkey/Syria

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The earthquake death toll has now surpassed 25000. Yet, despite the frigid temperatures and unlikely odds, survivors are still being pulled from the wreckage.

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Two airlifts of aid – one from the UK and the other from Germany – with 150 pallets (containing new winter coats/clothing, sanitary napkins, food, soap, toothpaste, etc) arrive at the airports tonight/tomorrow morning.

They will be discharging their loads at Adana Airport which is situated near to the affected area.

Distribution will be arranged in cooperation with the Turkish Government. 


1.  Air Transport of aid has safely arrived in Syria.

2.  SOS call received from Aleppo (one of three massive crisis areas) for urgent relief; it is freezing cold and people lost their homes, are hungry and thirsty.

3.  Truck loaded with blankets, carpets, sleeping bags, mattresses and cash to buy food aid. Please pray for the response team for protection for their lives as the earthquakes continue.

4.  The Response Team found grace and favor in the eyes of the authorities at the borders; the military cried when they saw our love; they are desperate.  In only 10 minutes they passed us through 15 check points.  Remember it is currently a war zone also.  The border guards saw the recommendation letter from the higher-ups and let us pass with lots of love and joy.  A miracle.

5.  Distribution has continued all afternoon and night, distributing blankets, food cans, sandwiches and mattresses, etc. to displaced Syrians in 4 different centers and to those sleeping outdoors on the highways and roads; we kept going till 1:30 am.

Here is a picture of a rescue team leader.

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The Emergency Response Team includes experts in water, sanitation and hygiene, mental health and protection, and emergency logistics, to quickly deliver the urgent support that communities in the aftermath of this devastating crisis need.

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With Much Love, Jo Kaplan – CEO Israel Relief Aid

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