February Projects:  Winter Warm Campaign to Pre-Purim Event for Orphans

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Israel’s cold February weather continues, and many many still need warm winter clothing for cold apartments, for the homeless, for incoming immigrants, etc.  Blankets, warm bedding, warm socks, winter scarves, jackets, knitted items, sweaters, etc. are now in demand for some time.  It will be awhile before Israelis can go on without them.   

Israel Relief Aid’s network of 35 aid centers from the north to the south of Israel all receive from imported aid containers, which contain massive amounts of clothing, bedding and blankets from Europe.  We are looking for help for this Campaign for at least one more month.

Getting Ready for Israel’s Purim Holiday

With Purim three-day holiday beginning March 6, Israel Relief Aid is going back to the Ben Shemen Youth Village to help sponsor a Purim party to bring joy to 400 teenage placed kids/orphans.  

Why does the youth village need help for something as important as a holiday celebration?  

It turns out that while the government does cover basic needs like daily meals, such daily meals are not holiday-oriented.  So, when a holiday comes, they have no budget for that. 

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Israel Relief Aid is so excited to make sure these kids aren’t left out of a holiday that the whole country will celebrate.  With your help, there will be a celebration.  Help us spread the joy to these young people that they are cared about and loved.  Go to:    www.israelrelief.org.il