Ukrainians: This is What We Do

In total, 71,000 immigrants entered Israel in 2022, many of them from Ukraine, escaping the Russia/Ukraine war.  

Most came with only what they could carry in their arms.

How is Israel Relief Aid helping them?  Both casual and dressy clothing for children, teens and adults, new shoes, a recent special meal out at a banquet hall, etc.  

Pictures just came in today from the Acco Aid Center (just north of Haifa in the northern district of Israel).

Ukrainians:  This is What We Do
Ukrainians: This is What We Do

 The aid centers have all been flooded with new immigrants and refugees referred there by the welfare office.  

There are around 40 centers in Israel Relief Aid’s network. 

These aid centers are stocked by the import
of aid containers from abroad. Clothing and shoes in
Israel are quite expensive and the import of massive
amounts of clothing items enables us to help keep the
doors of the aid centers open.

Thank you to all our friends who have helped to
make this aid to Ukrainians fleeing from the war
possible. You are a great blessing!

Ukrainians: This is What We Do