Winter: Rain Deluge in Israel has Begun

Winter: Rain Deluge in Israel has Begun

In January Israel always is bracing cold and this year it began already in December.

Two cases of hypothermia have been reported so far and the season has just

That’s why annually in January Israel Relief Aid holds a Winter Warm Campaign. The goal is to reach every homeless person with jackets, warm scarves, quilts/blankets –anything warm.

For the homeless, this is a life and death situation. Yet there are also other Israelis — elderly and new immigrants, the disabled, etc. having shelter but don’t have funds to heat that shelter. That would require paying a high electric bill (and the income
is not there).

Having a blanket for the bed/sofa, a warm scarf and jacket and any winter clothing makes all the difference, as hypothermia can also happen inside an apartment.

This is an important project and everyone’s help is needed to make a difference. Let’s keep the Israeli nation warm!

Winter: Rain Deluge in Israel has Begun

Let’s Help Holocaust Survivors in Israel in January

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At the Lod Senior Center (at this center there is a high percentage of Holocaust Survivors) there are always needs. Lod is a poverty city, so any help they can get is appreciated. They have given us a list of needs like equipment, furniture and fixtures. It would be great to help them out in January. Let’s bless the Holocaust Survivors and elderly in Lod. To help: