Message from the Chairman

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Max Veenstra, Chairman
Jack van der Tang
David Lazowski

In Israel

Jo Kaplan, CEO

Johan Schreuders, Austria
Nevill E. Smith, UK
Ralf Rosema, Germany
Dr. Barri Cae Seif, USA

Message from the Chairman

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Since the beginning of Israel Relief Aid in 2015, we have seen so much suffering touching Israel due to worldwide crimes against humanity. However, at the beginning of 2022 we never expected over 60,000 immigrants to arrive from Ukraine and Russia. 

Most of these immigrants and refugees came with just what they could carry in their arms. They were still in trauma from what happened to them.  Then, arriving to a country with already 30% of the population living below the poverty line has made getting by even harder for them. 

Israel Relief Aid made it a priority in 2022 to be involved in reaching out to these new immigrants and refugees in various ways.  Thanks to financial support and goods from our donors, Israel Relief Aid was able to serve a good portion of the 60,000 through its aid center network that reaches all over Israel.  With your help, Israel Relief Aid will endeavor to continue in 2023 to support this displaced sector with food parcels, clothing, furniture, and a hand of friendship.  

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We will not forget monthly projects for the other continuously needy sectors in Israel: single mothers, disabled people, widows, the unemployed, orphans, soup kitchens, immigrant schoolchildren, holocaust survivors, homeless people and all the Israelis living under the poverty line.  Can we rely on your help in 2023 to bring help and hope to Israel?

Max Veenstra