A Day for the Ukrainians

Ukrainian refugee female at Beer Sheva luncheon

They ran for their lives from the invasion of Russia and made it to Israel.  Some are immigrants and others refugees.  It’s a no-brainer that they need a lot of help.

Israel Relief Aid was happy to partner to give them a hot meal.
Ukrainian refugees at Beer Sheva luncheon


300 new Ukrainians were treated to a conference/tour and hot meal in the south of Israel.  All enjoyed it thoroughly and were blessed by the love shown to them through the provision of the meal.  They were moved by the speaker at the conference too.

It was a Bedouin venue in original Israeli fashion:  Couscous, chicken, vegetables, beef, rice pilaf, salads, breads, etc.  Bedouins originated in the Arabian Peninsula to many other parts of the world, including Israel.  Bedouins originally lived in tents, and most still do today.

Thank you for helping to make this possible!  You are a blessing to a lot of people!