Dawn Turns to Day in Haifa

Volunteers unloading Israel Relief Aid container in Haifa

Six a.m. and Haifa right now is still a little dark but . . . that doesn’t stop aid centers all over the north of Israel from coming to retrieve their stock from this incoming aid container.

Aid center managers unloading Israel Relief Aid container in Haifa

This particular container has new clothing, new airline blankets and clothing of all types.

These aid center managers all have other jobs to meet their family expenses.  Their work at the aid center is almost always completely voluntary.

This lower picture of the trailer is part of the second half of this container, which went down to Ashdod and unloaded for the southern and central aid centers.

This is our zero-cost, fast flow method of distributing an aid container in one day or less.

Aid Center Manager picking up aid from most recent Israel Relief Aid container

Would you help us pack the next container?  The aid centers will need more stock soon, Israel Relief Aid is helping them to keep their doors open to the Israeli walk-in public and Welfare Department referrals.

By Jo Kaplan

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