Located in the territory of the Israeli tribe of Dan, Ramle is a city in the central district with 80,000 Israelis, two-thirds of whom are Jewish and one-third Arab.  It sits next to the ancient city of Lydda/Luz (Lod).

Ramle has many ethnic restaurants and an outdoor covered market (shuk) where the people shop, as prices are lower.  Ramle has long been one of Israel’s poorest cities.

Passover Food Bags for Holocaust Survivors

Israel Relief Aid’s October Project will be to give out food bags to the new Ukrainian families that have arrived in Ramle.

These food bags would contain several sacks of various shapes of pastas, and spaghetti, couscous, green peas, beans in tomato sauce, humus, etc.

We will be giving the bags for the whole month as donations come in.

Only together we can do this.  Let’s change lives in Ramle! To join the project, go to:

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