RESCUE PROJECT: August 2022 Update

Rescue Project volunteers bringing in aid

Ukraine – Borislav, close to Lviv, is our main hub for the time being, reaching numerous areas.

Both Kiev and Zitomir are receiving loads. We also opened a hub in Tarnapol for distribution in Charkov region.  So we are still very active in Ukraine, but we are in desperate need of goods.

Brother and sister in Ukraine Copy
Ukrainian girl receiving aid from RESCUE PROJECT

Maripol – The Rescue Project received an urgent request from a congregation in Mariupol. Many people have fled the horrible situation in Mariupol to try and rebuild a life in other areas in Ukraine. The biggest need was kitchen and household equipment. Therefore, we bought ovens, multi cookers, irons and diapers. A Ukrainian couple who were visiting the Netherlands came to pick up the goods and drove back to Ukraine. The goods were distributed immediately. ”On behalf of the Mariupol Congregation we want to thank you for your precious contribution!”

Poland – Lublin, both distribution to Ukraine and refugees in West Poland, Glogow and East Poland continuing.

Rescue Project volunteers bringing in aid 2

Moldova – Beltsy distribution continues to Odessa region in Ukraine and distributions to refugees in Kishinev.

Romania – Satu Mare, distribution continues to Carpation Ukraine. Gherla, distribution to refugees.

Hungary – Budapest distribution continues to West Ukraine and refugees.

RESCUE Project Projects 1