Getting Ready for Rosh Hashanah


The Rosh Hashanah holiday here in Israel is a big one, with a 2 ½ day state closure.

It’s a dress-up holiday. But what if you are in a new country, a new immigrant, or simply don’t have clothes for the holiday meal?

Woman receives clothing in Jerusalem Aid center

The Jerusalem aid center is the answer to those in poverty in the central district.  Especially Ukrainian immigrants and refugees.  Stocking the Jerusalem aid center is an honor for Israel Relief Aid and you, the partners, who make it possible.

Large aid containers of clothing and other goods keep the doors of aid centers all over Israel open.

Woman receives shoes in Jerusalem Aid center

These people that receive quality clothing, many times new clothing, are so grateful and full of joy. 

It’s part of giving dignity to each individual.

A container is due into port next week and funding is required to clear it from port. 

Will you help bless Israel? 

AId Container Funding 1