We Didn’t Know!

Rocket launch

When it was decided to prepare food bags for Sderot in August much earlier, little did we know that a military conflict was going to break out this month in the area of Sderot and a thousand bombs shot into Israel from Islamic Jihad in the Gaza Strip.

Sderot Food bag event

It was exact timing to help the families who have now come out of the shelters in Sderot.  Life, still, is not back to normal.  This trauma is not gotten over quickly.  It is remembered in the middle of the night with lack of sleep in deep-seeded subconscious fear.

The rest of Israel is standing with those in the Sderot area, and Israel Relief Aid’s local network partner, with your help, packed and began to hand out bags of food.

Sderot food bag event 2022

There’s a lot of emotion in their faces that tells the story.  The most important thing for them was that someone cared. Thank you so much for partnering on this project in August for Israel!  We love you!