Shall We Bring More Aid Containers to Israel?

Airline blankets packed for Israel Relief Aid shipping container 1

There are two huge aid containers ready to ship, full of aid for Israel – one in California and one in Holland.  Should we bring them into Israel? 

Furniture packed for shipping container to Israel Relief Aid

The Holland container is full of clothing and brand new airline blankets that all the aid centers can’t wait to distribute, especially as summer will soon be winding down after the container would arrive to Israel in September, be cleared and unloaded to the aid centers and then organized on the shelves. 

The California container has a lot of furniture, large blankets, new clothing, sheets/linens, reading glasses and sunglasses, kitchenware, new sport shoes, diapers, and children’s markers.  This is needed in the north of the country by the Sea of Galilee, as well as all the aid centers.

For the California container, the clearing cost in Israel still needs to be raised to clear the container from port. For the container in Holland, the shipping cost needs to be raised.  With the high cost of living in Israel, low salaries, and influx of immigrants to Israel, the poverty rate has not lessened.  

There is a need to help the melting pot of Israeli immigrants so that they will be financially able to get by in Israel.


Which country will be next on the timeline for urgent immigration of Jews to Israel?   Israel Relief Aid and you, our partners, are an awesome part of solving this equation! Will you join in and help make it happen for Israel?  Together, with a hope and a prayer, we can do it!

AId Container Funding 1