Project Rescue Ukraine Update

Ukrainian mother and daughter

Ukrainians currently being bombed by Russia as of this writing:  Apartment buildings in east Ukraine; civilians have been killed.  Situation report: 16 million Ukrainians within Ukraine need humanitarian aid.

Brother and sister in Ukraine

Water systems have been bombed in some cities and citizens told to evacuate.  Over 6 million Ukrainians within Ukraine are displaced, with millions coping without regular water, electricity or gas supplies.  

Mother and daughter in Ukraine

Residents of Mariupol are forced to use water from puddles and sewers for non-drinking purposes, as they can only access 5 liters of drinking water per week.

little boy in Ukraine

Rescue Project teams in east Ukraine have bravely delivered food and supplies within the war zone . . . family by family.  (see  some pictures) 

baby in Ukraine

Israel Relief Aid is sending funds to our partners at Project Rescue to buy more food for families like these in Ukraine. 

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