Israel Relief Aid June Projects – Updates

event for 950 Ukrainian immigrants

Two completely different aid projects took place in June. 

Meal for 950 Ukrainian Immigrants to Israel

This was the largest group of Ukrainian immigrants in need that we have hosted so far.  Most of them had not yet been out to eat since arriving to Israel.  In conjunction with feeding them a huge meal (accompanied by musicians and speakers in Ukrainian), they were given a tour of the north to historical sites from the ancient Hebrews.  As the speakers talked more about Israel historical writings, these new immigrants began to understand new things about Israel’s history.  An amazing, life-changing day!

New furniture set for Ben Shemen Disabled Youth Day Center

Outdoor Seating Set for Disabled Youth Day Center

Ben Shemen Disabled Youth Day Center

Given a wish for what “gift” they wanted from us, this Ben Shemen day center finally decided that seating was more important than everything else.  So, an outdoor seating set was purchased.

Thanks to you, they are thrilled!