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Story of One Ukrainian Immigrant Family

Ukrainian immigrants Ruslan and Victoria

With the influx into Israel of those fleeing for their lives from the Russian invasion of Ukraine, one family shared their immigration story.

Ukrainian immigrants Ruslan and Baby Emma

A story of the Vadun family: 

“We are a young family of new immigrants: Ruslan, Victoria and our 9-month-old baby Emma.  We reached Israel from Ukraine in March and found an apartment in Haifa. The apartment had no bed, mattress, closets.  Also, our baby had nothing either.

Baby Emma daughter of Ukrainian immigrants Ruslan and Victoria

By chance we came upon the phone number of the Haifa Springs distribution center. There, we were given a bed, a mattress, shelves, a baby bed and a baby high chair. We also got clothes, bedding and blankets.

Thank you very, very much that there are places like this that help new immigrants and people in need.”

Spring Aid Center in Haifa 1

Israel Relief Aid containers help to stock this Haifa aid center.  Our goal is to continue with as many containers as possible!

AId Container Funding 1