Shavuot: Feast of Weeks

Wheat field

Shavuot is a major Israeli holiday that begins this year at dusk on June 4 and ends nightfall June 5. It is held during the Hebrew month of Sivan on the 6th (and usually the 7th), 50 days after the first day of Passover. It was originally a harvest festival, but now also commemorates the giving of the Law (the Torah: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers and Deuteronomy) seven weeks after the exodus of the Hebrews from Mitzrayim (Egypt).

Western wall

Shavuot translates from the Hebrew as the word “weeks” for it is celebrated exactly seven weeks after the first day of Passover (which marks the beginning of the exodus itself). 

Those that have made it to Israel during all the years have struggled all the way, both before and after. Today we can think about the large influx from Ukraine. 

There is always a transition period of at least three years for new immigrants where life can get frustrating with financial distress.  However, the straits that Israelis can find themselves are compounded if there are health struggles, unemployment, single-parent situations, etc. Clothes are not possible to be bought for the children, or parents.  When new immigrants and others under the poverty line find the aid stations in Israel, whether through social services or by word of mouth, it is a gigantic help for them – physically and emotionally.

Israel Relief Aid Container leaving the Netherlands heading to Israel

Israel Relief Aid is planning a container of clothing to ship from Europe to Israel. Now at Shavuot we are collecting freewill offerings and thanks offerings (just like they did in ancient times at Shavuot) to bring this container in to bless the immigrants in Israel. It’s a way that the people give to Israel, to the Holy Land of Promise.   Together, let’s get this container moving for Shavuot! 

AId Container Funding 1