Once They’re in Israel, Now What?

Ukrainian refugee immigrants to israel at aid center gettinig bedding

Making aliyah (immigrating to Israel from another country) is no simple feat.  Usually it means qualifying for documentation, packing up a house or apartment and sending one’s precious belongings via joint shipping container across the ocean to Israel. The next step is to make the trip.

Ukrainian refugee immigrants to israel at aid center
Ukrainian refugee immigrants to israel at aid center receiving household supplies

For immigrants and refugees from Ukraine, the story is upside-down.

Having fled from their apartment or home, they might have been able to take a few belongings with them.  They took a loss emotionally, mentally, sometimes physically, and financially, as their home and belongings were mostly a total loss.

With a struggle, they get through the bureaucracy to get approved to enter Israel as citizens or permanent residents, or as refugees.  In getting directed by social services to a local aid center, they can get help for free: clothing, food, bedding, household goods, etc. to begin a new life in Israel.

The string of aid centers in Israel has to have continual stock of aid to distribute.  This is where Israel Relief Aid comes in. Humanitarian aid coming in shipping containers stocks the aid centers across Israel. 

Your help make the distribution to the new immigrants and refugees possible! Each recipient is so grateful and thankful to you.  You are a blessing!