Another Aid Shipment Arrives in Ukraine


Israel Relief Aid partner RESCUE PROJECT sends next aid shipments of clothing, bedding, food and toys, making this currently 42 shipments of humanitarian aid for the Ukraine effort.

One truck direct to a center close to Lvov, Ukraine and another other truck for Lublin in Poland.

Arrival in Ukraine.lg

These photos depict the truck which just arrived at RESCUE PROJECT hub, close to Lvov in Ukraine and from there distributed in various directions.

March 10.1
Comforters Bedding.lg
March 10

Israel Relief Aid Partner “RESCUE Project” has an extensive team and network in Eastern Europe with the purpose of supporting Ukrainian refugees in Ukraine, Poland and neighboring countries.

All forms of transport means are being used to bring people to safety via a crisis center inside Ukraine. Funding for fuel and minibuses is needed.

Aid hubs in Poland, Moldova, Hungary and Romania (and soon to include Slovakia) are receiving numerous loads of relief goods through the RESCUE Project.

Funding is needed for a steady supply of relief goods.

If you would like to help the Ukrainian refugees via a solid, reputable organization, our partner RESCUE Project is it. We will collect funds for this purpose throughout the period of the crisis. You can earmark funds for “Israel Relief Aid RESCUE” by going to: