Helping Lone Soldiers . . . Personally

Lone Soldier group receiving Israel Relief Aid gift cards

Israel Relief Aid’s February project was to give lone soldiers living under the poverty line gift cards for their local IDF supply store.  

IDF Lone Soldiers

A significant number of soldiers in the Israel Defense Forces come from families living under the poverty line. 

Military service is already an extreme to challenging experience for soldiers, but for those who come from families in poverty, the challenges begin to mount. 

Even more in need than that are the soldiers that don’t have family at all in the country – no one to cook for them, do laundry, make purchases, etc. 

These soldiers are unable to bring the required basic supplies such as socks, undershirts or even hygiene supplies.

At the local IDF supply store they can use the money on the card for undershirts, thick socks, shoe laces, hygiene supplies and a multitude of other needs. 

IDF Lone Soldiers 1

You can see the response on their faces!

Thank you so much to all those that helped join in on the project – you gave a lot of joy and brightened up their week!