Ukrainian Food Packs for Jerusalem (March Project)


Although the militarily significant holiday of Purim is in March, our focus right now is on Ukraine!  However, Queen Esther commanded that this holiday be celebrated every year, even now.  Hopefully the victories in the Purim story will also trend to the Ukraine situation today!

Helping Ukrainians in Jerusalem means first helping them with food, and the Month Long March event is food packs.  Rules of the Purim holiday include (amongst them) the giving of at least two types of food. 

Food Bags for Purim 2022

The Israel Relief Aid Ukrainian packs will include an Italian-dinner theme.   Items like bags of pastas, tomato sauce, olives, tomato paste, rice and peas, baked beans, “ptitim” (tiny pasta balls). 

Ukrainian immigrants receiving aid at Ashdod Aid Center

Joining in for these food packs will be a great blessing for the Ukrainians in Jerusalem, especially in this holiday month. To help purchase food, please go to: