Connect With Israel This Winter

We have two projects to start 2022 with. Both are wonderful ways to start out the New Year blessing Israel!

Winter weather in Israel

Project 1: 2022 Winter Warm Campaign

In January Israel always is bracing cold and this year is no exception.  Reports of the homeless dying of hypothermia have begun to appear in the newspapers.

Senior Recipient Winter Warm Campaign

That’s why annually in January and February Israel Relief Aid holds a Winter Warm Campaign. The goal is to reach every homeless person with coats, warm scarves, winter caps and all kinds of warm clothing. 

For the homeless – this is a life and death situation.  Yet there are also all sorts of Israelis — elderly including Holocaust Survivors, new immigrants, the disabled, etc. having shelter but don’t have funds to heat that shelter.  That would require paying a high electric bill (which happens if a heater is run). 

Having a blanket for the sofa, a warm coat, scarf, gloves and winter clothing makes all the difference, as hypothermia can also happen inside an apartment! 

This is an important project and everyone’s help is needed to make it happen.  Let’s keep the Israeli nation warm!

Project 2: Laptop for Senior Center

LOd Senior Center

There has been a need at the Lod Senior Center for several years which just has been found out (and of course at this center there is a high percentage of Holocaust Survivors).  It is the need for a little high tech: a laptop that can be easily moved from room to room for audio-visual purposes. Playing a movie or video session or even zoom will soon be a possibility. 

This is the need that was requested of Israel Relief Aid and we would like to give this to them ASAP in January. 

Can we count on your help?  To help: 

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