A Shuk in the Promised Land


In case you don’t know what a shuk is, it is an outdoor market where anyone can put up a table and sell their wares, farmers can sell produce from their fields, etc. 


In the Israeli border town city of Sderot, next to the Gaza Strip, those of the city living below the poverty line come out every Tuesday morning to the weekly shuk because produce prices are much less than in the supermarket.  So it’s a good place to go if you want to reach those in poverty, disadvantaged, on welfare, etc.


One of our Israel Relief Aid team decided to take the opportunity to set up a “Free” table in the Sderot shuk and give away clothing and adult diapers.  She was ready to stay for the entire morning to try to give away all the clothing in around 30 cartons and 8 cartons of adult diaper packs.  However, within two hours only, 150 people had come to her “free” table and all the items completely given away, including the adult diapers. 

It was a thrilling and rewarding experience, one that wouldn’t be possible without the aid that you have helped to ship over to Israel.  A huge thank you to you from us!