November Project: To Jerusalem from Ethiopia


On March 11, 2021, 300 Beta Israel Ethiopians immigrated to Israel-the last of 2,000 from Operation Tzur Israel which began in December 2020.  Today, Israel is home to the largest Beta Israel community in the world, with about 160,500 citizens of Ethiopian descent.

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The incidence of poverty amongst Ethiopian families in Israel is estimated at 50%!  When there is income, the monthly income is only half of average. 

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Throughout the month of November, Israel Relief Aid would like to do a project to bring the specialized food of the Ethiopians in food bags to the poorest sector.  The bags are to contain:  rice, lentils, tuna, 6 types of pasta, sugar, oil and paper goods.

If you know the story of the Beta Israel, you will know that it was not easy for them to make it to Israel.  Now that they are here, they shouldn’t be financially traumatized.  Would you join us in reaching out to them?  You can go to:

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