Sderot Park

Sitting next to the Gaza Strip is the Israeli town of Sderot, which has been hard hit by missiles and incendiary balloons over many years from Hamas over the border.  In August, Israel Relief Aid (with the help of lovers of Israel!) decided to give some aid to the people in the city because they are all really suffering financially. 

“. . . we must help the weak “ 

Israel Relief Aid Diapers stock in Sderot Aid Center

One of the groups we wanted to help is new mothers who always have a pressing need:  diapers. 

Single mother receives diapers from Sderot Aid Center
Single mother receives diapers from Sderot Aid Center

The Sderot Hope Aid Center stocked the diapers but the stock doesn’t last long, as diapers don’t remain on the shelf long.  Many times it is the grandmothers that do the picking up of the diapers for their daughter or daughter-in-law.  So we stocked the shelves full for them and the recipients were all so very grateful.

Thank you to all those “cheerful givers” who love to bless Israel and be blessed in their own life.