Jerusalem Mothers Thank You For Your Help!

Mother getting children's clothing from Jerusalem Aid Center

A message from the Jerusalem recipients . . .

Shira, Leah and Merav, finding needed clothing and school supplies at the Jerusalem aid center wanted to give you a big thank you!

Mother getting clothing for her children at Jerusalem Aid Center

When someone is lacking clothing and things that their children need, there’s a void.  Then when that need is met, it is a great relief.

Mother getting backpacks for her children from the Jerusalem Aid Center

An Israel Relief Aid shipping container of aid brings in huge amounts of clothing.

There is another aid container on the water now, sailing from Holland.  This next container holds pallets of incontinence supplies and more clothing.

These items are pre-distributed in that the aid centers have already put in their “orders” for new clothing for their aid centers all over Israel. 

Thank you for giving this wonderful blessing to Israelis in Jerusalem.  If you would like to help towards this next container on the water now, that would also be a great help.  Go to:

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