It’s a shocker that when we think of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Nazareth and all the other famous cities, that there are 25% of Israelis there struggling under the poverty line.  When kids are involved, it is even more heartbreaking.

Israel Relief Aid container

Israel Relief Aid brought in from Hong Kong a whole container of new children’s clothing, including these short jeans overalls that you see in these pictures. 

Child receives new clothing from aid container
Girl receives new clothing from aid container.jpg

So much can fit into a shipping container, and 30 aid centers in the north, center and south of Israel all received with our Fast Flow Technology quickly in one trip. 

In Haifa almost 15 aid centers received on the spot.  Then the rest of the country received. So these kids’ clothes have quickly gone all over Israel . . . to the centers that they are familiar with in their locality. 

When you dress a child in new clothes, especially fashion-conscious clothing, it helps their self-esteem and confidence . . . when everything else in their life may be going wrong.

What’s so great is that these new clothes were donated for free by an organization in Hong Kong that ships humanitarian aid all over the world.

That’s why Israel Relief Aid loves to bring in aid containers, because so much can come inside one, and huge amounts can be dispersed all over the country super-quick.  No storing!  No hefty warehouse costs!  No hefty truck costs!  No hefty insurance, security, property taxes, warehouse staff, machinery, etc. etc.  All of that adds up and the donors pay for it !

Israel Relief Aid chooses to save its donors huge amounts in advertising, large staffs, and all the warehousing expenses.  Our donors give to actual humanitarian aid when they give to Israel Relief Aid.

Another container is now being planned to ship from Holland.  Be blessed as you bless Israel:

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