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Is being in Jerusalem the fulfillment of a dream?  For most, yes, unless you are struggling to make ends meet each month, living on a stipend, disabled, unemployed, etc

Husband and wife receive athletic shoes from Israel Relief Aid

Israel Relief Aid regularly supplies to the Jerusalem aid center clothing, new shoes and household goods.  We are thankful that the center is there for those who are in distress situations.  A simple dress, a stylish shirt, new shoes is a great blessing when they are really needed.

Father and son receive athletic shoes from Israel Relief Aid

5,000 people per year find themselves needing aid from the Jerusalem aid center.  Who are these 5,000 people?

Woman receives clothing from Israel Relief Aid

New Immigrants/Holocaust Survivors/Wounded Soldiers/Single Moms/ Lone Soldiers/Terror Victims/ Arabs and Bedouins

Your support of Israel Relief Aid containers is a great blessing for the aid center. We bless you from Jerusalem!