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Cargo container port

Israel Relief Aid recently received its first container from Hong Kong containing all new clothing.

Due to the Coronavirus, China became impacted with lack of workers. The cost of shipping overseas became instantly 4x the price.

Unloading Israel Relief Aid container August 2021 1

Miraculously, the shipping company in Hong Kong got a super low-cut last-minute rate and this container was loaded for Israel. 

Unloading Israel Relief Aid container August 2021 2

It had been a long wait of a year for this container to finally ship, so we were very excited to greet it and open the doors.  Around 14 aid centers from all over the north were on hand to receive the first new clothing (kids’ short overalls).  Afterwards, the container continued on to Ashdod to unload there for 17 other aid centers. 

Two are mainstream Jewish WIZO aid centers are among the recipients, so grateful for the help during these Corona times.  This is the first time we are giving to them.  Another recipient organization was an aid center in Bethlehem run by Christian Arabs.  For them, the pick- up in Israel proper required the rental of a car.  Things continue to be rough for them in Bethlehem under Palestinian rule.  This gift of clothing is precious to them.  We also gave to two well-known humanitarian aid organizations that needed stock, as we maintain them as long-term partners, even if we don’t give to them regularly.  They need it and appreciate it very much.