Even in Israel, It’s Always There

Israelis in need looking thru items at Ariel Aid Center

What is it in Israel that’s always there?  Something that you don’t think of when you think of Israel.  When we think of Israel, we think of the beautiful parts of the Land, the famous sights, the archeology, the great Israeli food, the eclectic culture. People living below the poverty line, struggling to pay rent, jobless, disabled, broke…these don’t readily come to mind.

Women looking through clothing at Ariel Aid Center

Israel Relief Aid is here in Israel for them. The weaker parts of the country – those are the parts that should be given honor, for they are more necessary.  Giving to those in need is an honorable thing. 

Woman receiving bedding at Ariel Aid Center

These pictures were taken in the city of Ariel in the Shomron (territories) and is directly east of Rosh HaAyin and north Tel Aviv.  The Ariel aid center is doing a good work and it is our great pleasure to stock their shelves.

These clothes (also mattress pillows) came in on the last container that you all helped to fund.  With your collective help, cartons of clothing get shipped from container directly to the aid centers.

Your help is crucial for this project of bringing in containers!  Right now there is a container at the Haifa Port and another container is planning its load.  To help, click on donate button below.  Thank you so much!