Pack First, Then Sail

Pallets of incontinence supplies

Another exciting aid container from Holland is being packed as we speak.  How do we get the goods to fill the container?  Our contacts in Holland have a network infrastructure of companies that forward their overstock items for humanitarian containers.  So, the possibilities are endless of what can go into an aid container.

Container ship at port
Unloading an Israel Relief Aid container

The steady need will always be for clothing for the aid centers which give out to hundreds of Israelis each month, however, the other unique items that find their way into an aid container are always cheering up the days of needy Israelis.

All of the aid centers are very excited to drive to their pick-up point and see what they will get.  Because it’s all free, a container unloading is quite a special, happy event.  

The aid centers on our list cooperate one with another.  They are happy to work with the number of boxes they receive and they know that the number of boxes in each container is divided out so that each aid center receives according to its size and need for particular items, depending on what is received.  Each of these boxes are distributed at locations convenient to the aid centers, and the aid centers pack up their loading vehicles.  Once they get back to their aid center, the boxes are opened and put onto shelves or hung on racks.

In the first picture at the top are stacks of incontinence supplies that are in need in Israel for people living under the poverty line, even Holocaust Survivors, elderly citizens, the disabled, etc.  This is an example of the great work that you make possible for Israel!! Thank you so much!!