Connecting with Israel in August – Two Projects

Mother in Sderot receiving diaper donation from Israel Relief Aid
  1. Sderot mothers have had to deal with a lot, especially in the May Gaza Skirmish. 
Bombed area of Sderot home

Because of the years of periodic bombing, so many in Sderot don’t have employment and live under the poverty line. 

Israel Relief Aid wants to honor these families and help them out with an item that is commonly needed:  diapers.

It’s gifts like these that let them know that someone cares about them, that there is hope.  It’s an enormous boost in their outlook to pick them up when they are wondering how to get by.  More importantly though, it lets people know that we know what they’re going through and we are on their team.  Will you join us in this project?

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Immigrant family in Rishon LeZion

2. Israel Relief Aid is continuing the monthly food purchase for three shelters in Rishon LeZion that house immigrant families that can’t make ends meet. Please join us!

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