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Manager of Ben Shemen Day Center thanks Israel relief Aid for donated goods

It was a day of surprises.  Dganit, the manager of the Ben Shemen Day Center for developmentally delayed youth, didn’t exactly know what we were bringing, but she was looking forward to it.  However, it was a huge shock to actually see it all at once. 

Ben Shemen Day Center Manager Looks On With Gratitude at Table of Donated Israel Relief Aid Supplies

The kitchen at the center had needed a new set of pots/pans.  

They had never said anything to the parents about it.  Yet, here it was, several thousand shekels’ worth of needed items.

Thanks to your gifts, we were able to bring this all to the center, and make life better for these youth and the center’s staff.

Teacher at Herut Kindergarten receives play set donated by Israel Relief Aid

Herut Kindergarten is a special place for special kids…developmentally delayed.  The teacher was very surprised when Israel Relief Aid showed up with a huge play set that goes against the wall.  They don’t have the funding for play equipment like that.  (This set had been donated by a toy store in Modiin who asked us to “place” it where it was most needed. What fun it was!)