Helping to Prevent Emigration from Israel

New immigrant family in Aid center in Israel

Immigrants to Israel from the former Soviet Union have arrived usually with the help of many along the way.  Once they get to Israel, they need a lot of funding.

New immigrant woman in Aid center in Israel
New Immigrant to Israel

Many of these Russian or Ukrainian-speaking immigrants decide to live where there are other immigrants speaking their language and the feeling of community . . . in Ashdod. 

Approaching Social Services, they are told of an aid center in the city where they can find clothing, shoes and other goods. 

Only a large amount of clothing such as that which can pack into a large shipping container can keep the stock of the network of aid centers in Israel with a good variety of options for families.

God forbid these immigrants, who heard their calling to come to Israel, would turn around and go back to the old country, where at least they had a decent job.

We must bring in as many aid containers as possible and keep the aid centers in the Land stocked. 

AId Container Funding