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Container Unloading Under Fire

Israel Relief Aid container

During the May, 2021 Gaza-Israel Conflict, wherein over 4,360 missiles were shot into Israel by Hamas in Gaza over a 10-day period, Israelis in the Center and South of the country had to stay at home with their children, close to a bomb shelter.


During this serious conflict, an Israel Relief Aid shipping container from the Netherlands arrived to Israel.  The container came into Haifa port in the north, which was safe ground and so there was no problem for the aid centers to drive from all over the north of Israel to Haifa to load their vehicles from the container cartons.

Uhnloading under fire

However, the second half of the container was to unload in Ashdod, one of the most bombed cities during that conflict.  Israel Relief Aid applauds the bravery of the Ashdod Aid Center, who decided to unload and hold the goods safely until the conflict ended and it was safe for the central and southern aid centers to drive to Ashdod to pick up.

Friends, the aid centers are depending on this stock of clothing and goods to keep their doors open. 

Thank you for your contribution which goes toward these containers, helping the aid centers to give out to Israelis in poverty that are continually walking in their doors for help.