Help for Those on the Front Lines

Rocket Attack

In the Israel Relief Aid network is the Sderot Aid Center, close to the Gaza Strip. They write:

“We received a request from one family whose home was hit and just about destroyed everything she had. Rebecca is a single mother of two who just happened to spend Shabbat at her mother’s house with her children when her house was hit. I have seen this same scenario played out more than once over the past thirteen years. People had just left their home; they were late to where they were supposed to go or the class ran long; saving many, many lives.

Sderot Aid Center

We will be taking Rebecca to our store front and she can pic and choose anything we have: clothing for her children, school supplies, household supplies or minor appliances, whatever we have on the shelves.”

Friends, this is an aid center that we have solely kept stocked with supplies from our aid containers for years. We have done special events with them as well. Thank you for supporting these activities that have helped Rebecca and so many other families in Sderot! They are living on the front lines when Israel comes under attack. Knowing they have this kind of support means more than words can say.