What Helps Widows in Israel?

Israelis in need looking through donated clothing from Israel Relief Aid

What the average age of people in need at an aid center?  If you think about thrift stores in the US, for instance, what is the average age person that seeks out such a place for help with clothing?  The answer:  Thrift store shoppers increase, as age increases.  Israel is no different.

New pairs of athletic shoes donated to Haifa Aid Center from Israel Relief Aid

This particular aid center is up in the Haifa area.  They depend on a continual flow of clothing stock from Israel Relief Aid, which comes from shipping containers.  Shipping containers can hold 1000-1300 large boxes of clothing (depending on size of the box). 

New pairs of eyeglasses donated to Haifa Aid Center from Israel Relief Aid

Right now on the water is a container full of clothing and even reading glasses and new sport shoes.  To help bring this aid into Israel, go to

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