Israelis-Helping One and All

Israeli women in need browsing clothing at Haifa Aid Center

The spotlight here is on an aid center in downtown Haifa run by Ethiopians.  As you see, so many people come to get help here, and not just Ethiopians. 

Women browsing through clothing at Haifa Aid Center

Ethiopians have been scraping by on the lowest rung of the ladder here in poverty in Israel.  Yet, this aid center has a heart to help Israelis in need of every persuasion.

Mother in need looking through clothing at Haifa Aid center

This world is made up of not just one flavor, that’s the way God made it.

Each of them is oblivious to the others with no concern or problem at all with each other.

Mostly all of these items came from our aid containers.  It just wouldn’t happen without this quantity of stock that comes from a huge shipping container. Thank you for your help to bring these desperately needed containers in!