A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin Home for Good Deeds Day

A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin Home for Good Deeds Day

Near to Beer Sheva in the south of Israel, one can find Bedouin villages in abundance.  A visit to one village reflects great need, and amazing that the family can get by in such poverty.  Some of the village has actual metal structures, while others are built more on the order of a large tent.  The “homes” are on sand, with rugs for floor coverings.  The simplest of makeshift burner makes the kitchen.  Blankets piled in a corner end up being spread at night to make “beds”.

Outreach to Bedouin woman in need of medical care and physical aid

In a recent Israel Relief Aid container, jackets, pillows and blankets were distributed to many of the aid centers, including the Beer Sheva Aid Center.  The Aid Center got creative with its distribution and teamed up with one of the major health funds to do a distribution for Good Deeds Day.

Living in these conditions, there are Bedouins who are not in a healthy state, thus the interest of the major health fund in visiting these Bedouins and doing their best under the conditions to give them basic medical care.  Our jackets, blankets and pillows were given at the same time.

A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin Home for Good Deeds Day

The gratefulness of these simple people is hard to express with words.  One man was so appreciative, he blessed the donors “through the camera”.

A Visit to an Israeli Bedouin man for Good Deeds Day

This is a heart throb project and I am honored to have been a part, through the goods that were donated.  The goods came from the aid container sponsored by Friends of Israel Relief Aid.  Thank you, thank you for your help to make this project possible!

Jo Kaplan, CEO Israel Relief Aid